Monday, October 3, 2011

Yelp! It!

Lately I've been getting further involved with yelp! I really enjoy the website, seeing honest opinions about everything from food to parking to where to get the best deal on clothing. I like to write my reviews and being able to check out free events in the bay area and beyond. The Wild West Showdown in Sacramento was super fun, met some great people and picked up some great swag! The Back to Cool kick off party in San Francisco was a blast, they served sweets and beer; a perfect combo in my mind! I've attached a photo of this couple that baked scones for the event, they were super nice. Most recent I went to the Jorts Jam in Palo Alto, again with my boyfriend; he's elite and is the main reason we have been so busy on the yelp! Scene lol :)

It's been a crazy summer but I'm looking forward to what fall has in store!